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Removable Double Stick Adhesive

How many times have you had the need to place a measuring device or an item number next to a blood spatter, bullet hole or a latent print on a surface that that your magnetic ruler won’t stick to. You try to hold the measuring device next to the area by yourself and take the photograph or have someone hold the measuring device for you. You always end up with fingers in you photograph and this is not very professional. Try this, purchase an Easy Stick double stick adhesive dispenser with removable adhesive. The adhesive is a clean fast way to make your own self stick rulers, markers or self stick notes. The Easy Stick dispenser will allow you to put a strip of removable adhesive on the back of a ruler or marker and stick it on the wall, car or what ever dry surface you have without damaging the surface. The adhesive rubs off.

The Easy Stick can be purchased at most office supply stores such as Office Max for $3.99

Removable Double-Stick Adhesive
Removable Double-Stick Adhesive
Removable Double-Stick Adhesive

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