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In the past, the electrostatic dust print lifter was a method that worked with lifting dust prints. It was very expensive which meant that not too many departments had the budget for the unit. The Stati-Liftä System works on a similar principal - simple static electricity. While the electrostatic dust print lifter uses a separate mechanical device to charge the film with electricity, the Stati-Lift uses the static electricity that is built up in the special liner from the film itself.

Use the Stati-Lift System whenever a dusty shoe print, tire track or similar impression is found. This should work on virtually any surface with the exception of extremely porous surfaces like rough concrete or on carpeted areas. Lifting with the Stati-Lift lifters works best on dust print impressions on paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, linoleum and other non-porous surfaces. As with any method, be sure to PHOTOGRAPH FIRST then attempt your lift.

Here's how it works. Locate the dust print through strong side lighting. A quality flashlight does well. One method is to place your flashlight on the floor or surface to be examined and roll it slowly back and forth until you can detect a dust print. Photograph the illuminated dust print as best you can by using side lighting. With the black-sided face up, (as opposed to the "shiny" side), grasp the small plastic tabs in both hands. Peel back the clear protective liner from the black lifting surface. (See Fig. 1)

With the clear liner pulled completely back, carefully place the black side down over the dust print you wish to lift, leaving you with the shiny side facing up. (See Fig. 2) Make sure you do not move the Stati-Lift once it is down on the print. Press out all air bubbles, streaks, etc. using an inexpensive foam brush. Slowly lift the film and carefully replace the protective liner over the print.

NOTE: For visualizing your lift, you may need to look at the Stati-Lift under a sidelight. While holding the label portion up in the air and the black side facing you, shine your flashlight directly under the Stati-Lift, allowing the light to pass across the entire surface. Any dust print should reveal itself, if lifted.

The Stati-Lifts can be purchased from the Lynn Peavey Company.

Figure 1
Figure 2
Using the foam brush
Stati-Lifter lift

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