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Mity Loupe 7x Magnifier

This is a perfect 7x magnifying loupe for most crime scene and lab applications.

Focused on dual lenses allow for the examination of objects close-up, while an acrylic base permits ambiemt light to illuminate the object, even in low light levels. It includes a metric reticle for the easy measurement of bloodstains and other physical evidence, as well as, a wide field-of-view encomappsing 2.3" with a 3" diameter base and a 4cm metric scale divided into 0.2 mm increments. Bloodstains can be photographed through the 7x magnifier with the scale for proper documentation.

This is the perfect tool for visiualization and measurement of bloodstain evidence.

The Mity Loupe reatails for $24.95 and is available through Doje's Forensic Supplies.
Mity Loupe
Mity Loupe
Mity Loupe

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