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Integri Swab

View a short video demonstration.

With all the new technology there is one area that is getting a lot of attention. That is DNA. The collection of the DNA sample can be very important. Currently, several methods are used. One is just using a swab to collect the sample then letting it air dry either by holding it, sticking the swab in a swab drying rack (#1) or in a block of styrofoam. While the sample is air drying , it must be protected from contamination from the surrounding area. When it is dry it can be properly packaged in a swab box or a paper envelope. Another method to collect a sample is to use a culture swab, which is a swab in a plastic tube that keeps the swab centered. The swab still has to be air dried before the swab can be placed back into the tube or the sample will deteriorate and be useless.

A new item has just been introduced to the sample collection of the blood and other body fluids. This is called the Integri Swab, which is a sterile individually packaged swab (#2). This is a wooden handled swab inside a plastic tube with a cap and air holes located at the bottom of the tube for even drying. To use, pop open the cap, push up the swab far enough to apply a drop of sterile distilled water (#3) and rub the stain area (#4). Once you have collected the stain, pull the stained swab back into the plastic tube (#5) and snap the cap back on the top. The swab is centered in the plastic tube and the two air holes at the bottom allow for it to breathe and dry evenly. The Integri Swab can now be placed in a swab box, which is made out of cardboard that can breathe (#6). The box is then sealed and the collection is complete.

The Intergi Swab can be purchased through the Lynn Peavey Company.

Swab drying rack
Individually packaged swabs
Adding distilled water
Rubbing the stain area
Pulling the swab back into the cap
Swab box

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