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Bloodstain Green

Before you spend a large amount of time on a red stain that appears to be blood, do a simple check to make sure it is blood.

Bloodstain Green is a new QuickCheck product to detect blood (does not distinguish between animal and human blood).

To use, first identify a suspected bloodstain or blood spatter. Take the included swab and collect a small sample. (With a dry stain, it is best to moisten the swab tip with sterile distilled water.

With the QuickCheck protective sleeve in place break the lower ampoule. Then slide the sleeve up and break the second ampoule. Tap your finger on the side of the tube to mix, then squeeze out 1-2 drops of the mixed solution with the applicator tip directly on the swab tip.

If its blood, the swab tip where the sample you swabbed will quickly change to a bluish-green color within seconds indicating that this is blood.

A way to document what you have done is to place the swab near the stain and take a picture showing the stain and the test result showing it positive for blood.

When completed with the test place the swab and ampoule tube in the disposal bag and discard.

The PathFinder can be purchased through the Lynn Peavey Company.

Click here to view a video demonstration.

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