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Forensic Magazine

Forensic Magazine is a publication of technology, trends, products, and solutions for forensic professionals. Our pages feature the materials and equipment that are used in forensic work whether in the field or in the lab.

In addition to timely feature articles, Forensic Magazine offers the following in every issue:

The Safety Guys talk about environmental health and safety in forensic laboratories and in the field.

Most Wanted: Ken Mohr answers your questions about facility design, build, renovation.

They Say You Can’t Do That: Dick Warrington, crime scene consultant, talks about the latest crime scene technology and some innovative ways to process crime scenes.

Product News reports on new and improved products for use in the field or in the lab.

Industry Calendar lists conferences, meetings, trade shows, and other industry events.

How it Works is a brief tutorial about putting a product to use.

People and News lists personnel changes, mergers, awards, certifications, and other related news items.

Forensic Magazine welcomes the submission of product, news, literature, and event announcements. Submissions can be sent electronically to: Mary Williams, editor (

Forensic Magazine’s editors also welcome articles. While non-commercial in nature, an article allows authors to fully explain a new technology or share with our readers a case study. Please contact Christine Janson, chief editor (


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