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Evidence Technology Magazine

Evidence Technology Magazine is a magazine for crime-scene officers. This magazine is dedicated exclusively to the technology of evidence collection, processing, and preservation. The first issue came out in May 2003 and is published by Wordsmith Publishing in Kearney, Mo.

It is a nationally distributed magazine that targets officers and civilians who work in crime-scene investigation units and property-and-evidence rooms. Things are changing quickly. It is becoming increasingly difficult for you and everyone else in the field to keep up with all of the new products, new innovations and new procedures that are being developed. You need some way to keep up with those changes.

Copies of Evidence Technology Magazine are sent to every law enforcement agency in the United States. If your agency is not receiving your copy, please contact the magazine.

For more information and/or to subscribe for free, go to:

Evidence Technology Magazine
PO Box 555
Kearney, MO 64060

Telephone: (816) 628-3075
Fax: (816) 628-4841

Evidence Technology Magazine

Evidence Technology Magazine

Evidence Technology Magazine

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