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Hosting a Class
Hosting Gizmos & Gadgets

The Gizmos and Gadgets class will include demonstrations and limited hands on use of various items and products. It will also include the following areas plus many more. The class will run from one to three hours depending on the time allotted. There is no limit to the number of people that can attend. (Note: This is not a product show.)

· Lift Impressions
· Extruder gun
· Mikrosil
· Wet Print
· Gel lifters
· Develop Impressions
· Superglue fuming
· Portable fuming
· Footprints/fingerprints
· Demo new products
· Self-sealing bags

· Path Finder
· DIFF-Lift
· Electronic measuring units
· Magnetic rulers
· Various scales
· Processing methods
· Brush and powder
· Chemicals
· Tricks of the trade
· Measuring Devices

Classes Offered

Gizmos & Gadgets: 2 hours - View Abstract (PDF)
Gizmos & Gadgets w/ Unusual Surfaces: 4 hours - View Abstract (PDF)
Gizmos & Gadgets Expanded Lecture/Workshop: 8 hours - View Abstract (PDF)
Lifting Prints Off Unusual Surfaces Workshop: 2 hours - View Abstract (PDF)
Lifting Latent Prints Off Unusual Surfaces Handout - View PDF

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Class Fee
There is no instructor fee. You would cover the lodging and per diem for the instructor while there.
Contact Richard Warrington for more information about classes.
Lynn Peavey Company
1-800-255-6499 ext. 647

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