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One thing I have learned over the years in crime scene investigation is that we all end up with the same results but it is how we get there that is the most interesting. Different parts of the country get there using different methods and techniques. What I have tried to come up with in this manual is items that are useful, cost effective and make the job of crime scene investigation easier. Not all departments have the luxury of having a crime scene unit, evidence officers or detectives. More ...

Richard Warrington
Richard retired December 1996 from the Shawnee County Sheriff's Department in Topeka, Kansas after a career of 25 years in law enforcement, more than 19 years of which were in direct involvement with crime scene investigation as a supervisor of that division.

Richard has remained active in the field of crime scene investigation as an instructor as well as having written numerous articles on crime scene technology and procedures. Recently, Richard wrote and published the Death Investigation Check List Manual.

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